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The Thunderwear Combo Style Holster is a step up from the Classic. Just like the Classic style, the Combo style holster is ambidextrous and can be worn in any position around the hips, front, side, or back. The Combo style however, includes a large pocket behind the weapon pockets where you can carry various items of importance, including but not limited to photos ID's, passports, cash, valuables, and of course...your concealed carry permit. Pocket sizes range from XS to Large to accommodate weapons lengths from Micro 380's to a full size six inch barrel. All holsters are made of soft, lightweight, yet durable material that will last you for years while concealing comfortably in the clothing of your choice. The waist band is stretchable for a snug fit and completely free standing of your clothing so you do not have to rely on a belt to handle the weight of your weapon. With the waist strap being anchored to the center points of your body, the weight of the weapon is distributed evenly and after just minutes of wearing, the weight of the weapon is no longer felt by the individual carrying. The Thunderwear holster will provide you with the freedom to wear what you want without any clothing restrictions as well as carrying concealed with the least amount of clothing needed to hide your weapon.

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