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How many times have you said "There's got be a better way to carry a gun concealed!"? Last time the mercury was crawling three digits, did you curse the need to wear a coat, or oversized clothing to conceal your weapon? Tired of having to pull your pants up all the time? Is the old ankle holster just a "little" awkward? Can't wear what you want because you have to carry a weapon off duty? Imagine the freedom of wearing shorts, jeans, swimming trunks, pants, slacks, sweats, t-shirts, all while comfortably armed. Leave your shirt neatly tucked in or take your shirt off. Imagine a holster with no clothing restrictions. Sound too good to be true? 

Read on, there's more. 

Thunderwear was designed by a wearer, for a wearer. It provides a stable platform for the most comfortable, concealed carry possible. We anchor the weight around the hipbones, (not on the soft tissue of your waist). This distributes the weight of your weapon (and the tactical reload) evenly around the hips at the center of gravity. The weapon is worn in the front, on the centerline. This way it will not interfere with normal or rigorous physical activity, such as running or climbing comfortable. When you sit down, the weapon fits down in between your legs. "Sensitive" body parts are well out of the weapon. Worn on top of the underwear and shirt, but under the trousers. 

Don't be deceived by those knock-offs you'll see at the trade shows and online... Our holsters are 100% Made In The USA by our own design (U.S. Patent # DES. 361,656) , manufactured using the most durable, machine-washable materials, and are worn proudly by everyone who knows what REAL Thunderwear is, including veterans of the armed forces, off-duty and on-duty police officers, and individuals who just prefer to wear the best! 

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