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Classic Medium
Our Price: $49.95

2-4 Inch Barrel Length
The medium sized classic is perfect for the majority of all compact weapons. The classic medium holster is ideal for compact carry options, such as the Smith and Wesson J frame, Walther PPK , Khar 9/40 , Kel Tec9mm, Ruger SR9c, and compact Glocks ( 26,27,33 ), Modest both in size, and price!
Classic Large
Our Price: $49.95

The Thunderwear Large Combo holster is a intended for those who lack subtlety in their choice of firearms. No doubt, you intend to scare them away just on the draw, and when you're packing weapons such as the S&W 4506, .44 Magnum, or maybe your trusty Glock 33, you'll certainly be able to do more than just scare them. You make no compromises for extra storage, and while a built-in pocket for carrying around your ID would be great, you don't plan on giving them a chance to find out who you are when the time comes!