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Medium Combo Small Combo Xtra Small Combo
Medium Combo
Our Price: $54.95
Small Combo
Our Price: $54.95
Xtra Small Combo
Our Price: $54.95
2-4 Inch Barrel Length
In the market for a carry-all solution to your concealed firearm carrying woes? The Thunderwear medium combo holster is ideal for compact carry options, such as the Smith and Wesson J frame, Walther PPK , Khar 9/40 , Kel Tec9mm, Ruger SR9c, and compact Glocks ( 26,27,33 ) . With additional storage space for everyday items, such as cash, passports,  IDs, concealed weapons permit,  hotel key card , etc, you'll be well situated anywhere you plan on being armed!
1-2 Inch Barrel Length
For those who don't want to be alone without their very compact firearms (Walther PPKS, Smith Bodyguard, Bersa 380, etc.), then the Thunderwear small sized combo holster was crafted specifically for you! Ideally suited for low cut jeans or shorts, not only does the combo option offer you the ability to store your everyday items, such as cash, IDs, business cards, etc., but for those who prefer a more non lethal form of defense,  the small holster also works great for carrying self defense items such as pepper spray and is ideal for joggers, dog walking, etc, and is a great gift idea for that loved one of yours who needs a method of self defense for the late evening walks, yet refuses to carry a gun.
1 Inch Barrel Length Micros
If you're the type of person who loves wearing low cut jeans or short shorts, the Thunderwear Xtra small combo holster is just what you've been waiting for! This holster is intended for very compact carry options, including the Kel Tec 380 or 32, Ruger LCP, Khar 380, Taurus TCP, etc as well as self defense items such as a small pepper spray. This model also provides additional storage space for additional everyday items such as cash, IDs, concealed carry permits, etc.
Thunderwear Combo Style Holster
4-6 Inch Barrel Length.
Strap yourselves in boys and girls, this is THE BIG ONE! Not for the light hearted (or lightly armed), the Thunderwear Large Combo is a stalwart carry-all for the larger firearms, from 1911’s to the full size Glock or XD. The convenient front pocket located behind the holster pockets also allows you room to carry various items of importance, including but not limited to photo IDs, passports, cash, and of course... your concealed carry permit.